Are you having a baby? Feeling anxious about labour?  

Tolu the Midwife wants to support and empower you to 

Labour with Confidence

Every woman deserves to feel empowered and supported through her journey to motherhood.

The Maternity Hub provides holistic and evidence-based advice and support as you transition to parenthood right from conception.

It's natural to feel anxious, uncertain and/or afraid at times. Especially if you are having your first baby and do not know what to expect. 

Having a baby can sometimes feel like you are walking in the dark with so many unknowns. 

We understand anxiety and fear tries to creep in as your EDD approaches while the not-so-positive stories circulate faster than the positives. 

But the negative stories and fear do not have to be your birthing experience. 

There are a few things you can do to change that, starting right now. 

Can you visualise feeling informed and empowered as you birth your baby fearlessly?

Imagine your birthing partner being fully present in the labour room, knowing what to do and supporting you through the magical moment of birthing your baby.

Can you speak positive words about your labour, delivery and baby to yourself every time a negative thought comes to your mind? 

No, it’s not a dream and YES, this is a great start to having a positive birthing experience.

Tolu the Midwife has cared for and delivered over 1000 women and babiesand we would love to support you through as you transition to motherhood. 

We are super excited to launch the very first……

Labour with Confidence is a holistic childbirth preparation course created by Tolu the Midwife.  

Our course aims to erase every fear and anxiety you may be feeling about your pregnancy, labour and delivery with our evidence-based information. 

The course consists of 35 videos over 7+ hours of everything you need to prep for your labour, delivery, your newborn baby and the postpartum period. 

The course covers: 

Labour and delivery

  • What to expect

  • When to go to the hospital

  • Stages of labour

  • Pain relief for labour and alternative pain relief methods

  • Breathing and relaxation

  • Partners role during childbirth

  • Induction of labour

  • Caesarean Section

  • Complications during childbirth

Baby 101

  • Feeding your baby: breastfeeding and formula

  • The first 24 hours

  • Vitamin K/ Newborn checks

  • Caring for your newborn baby

  • Practical skills (bathing/ cord care/ diaper care)

  • Mental, physical, emotional first contact with your child

  • Deviations from the norm

All about you, mum

  • The first 24 hours

  • What to expect Postpartum recovery

  • Emotional health

  • Sleeping after childbirth

  • Mother: Deviations from the norm

Click. Book. Learn. 

With our on-demand childbirth preparation course, it's even easier to get started and learning. 

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Should we sign you up for the group refresher classes? 

The monthly refresher classes are online and run by Tolu the Midwife. It's a great time to run through the modules/videos you have watched and answer any questions you may have. 

You may also wish to bring your partner and meet other expectant couples. This is a great way to build your postpartum support squad. 



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    £50.00Group Refresher Class

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Meet our Founder/Health Educator

Tolu Adeleke, also known as Tolu the Midwife, is an award-winning, International trained, dual-qualified, experienced, and passionate nurse and midwife. 

Tolu is an accomplished senior midwife with over 14 years of clinical and management experience in both the private and public sectors, in England.

Tolu relocated back to Nigeria in 2016 after stumbling across Nigeria’s atrocious maternal and neonatal mortality rate. 

In a bid to play her part to save a mother, save a baby and save a community, Tolu founded Tolu the Midwife and Maternity Hub (Nigeria).

Tolu supports expectant parents as they transition to parenthood through private antenatal classes, dads’ antenatal classes, “Call the Midwife” maternity helpline and “With Woman” birthing services in Lagos, Nigeria.

Tolu is the youngest Midwife to receive Nigeria Healthcare Excellence Award for Healthcare Delivery Services in Nursing and Midwifery Excellence in 2019. 

Tolu truly believes using a consistent health education approach, raising awareness of health deviations from the norm, empowering communities to take responsibility for their health while mapping out a clear pathway to access health services, our health outcomes will certainly improve in a positive way.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is the best time time to start childbirth preparation classes?

    From 28 weeks upwards. Our "Labour with Confidence" course covers a wide range of labour, delivery and the fourth trimester. It would be a great idea to take your time and work through the videos.

  • Can I download the videos?

    None of the videos are downloadable. All the videos are available in your portal for six months.

The introductory price of $90 goes up to $130 on 14th December 2020. What are you waiting for? 

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